1982 Honda CR250. Immaculate. $4,500

IMG_1035 IMG_1026 (1) IMG_1027 (1) IMG_1036 IMG_1025 (2) IMG_1032 (1) IMG_1024 (2)

MAKE:        HONDA

MODEL:      CR250

YEAR:         1982


VIN:              JH2ME0304CC403584

PRICE:         $4500


This CR250 is in excellent low hour condition.
It is still on the original tyres from new.
Still on the original chain and sprockets etc.
It was pulled down to the frame and given a cosmetic clean up.

The frame has been repainted in the correct model colour.
New front and back guards have been fitted.
New seat cover.
New grips etc.
The engine is in excellent running condition.
The original pipe is near mint.
The back shock will need a service.

Don’t hesitate to call Rob on 0431386232 for further enquiries.


1984 Husqvarna CR500 $4995

IMG_7853 IMG_7852 IMG_7855 IMG_7860 IMG_7858 IMG_7859


MODEL:     CR500

YEAR:        1984


VIN:               C003921

PRICE:       $5400

These cr500s are one of the best looking mx bikes made.

This one is an original survivor in good condition.
The engine is in good running condition.
No broken fins or repairs on the cases etc.
The lower frame rails on the bike are very nice.
The exhaust is in very good condition for a bike of this age,
The frame at the right hand rear will need repairing (see pic)
The seat base has a crack at the rear.
The rear ohlins shocks are good.Nice dampening.
Good fork chrome.
The wheels and hubs are very good with no cracks or repairs.
 For all enquiries please call Rob 0431386232.

1984 KTM 495 $3,300

IMG_7846 IMG_7843 IMG_7850 IMG_7848 IMG_7847 IMG_7847 IMG_7842 IMG_7845

MAKE:            KTM

MODEL:         495

YEAR:            1984


VIN:                 840211852

PRICE:            $3600

This is a good runner.

The engine has good compression and runs well.

The engine case has a crack at the front where the gearbox outer cover has been over tightened .
The lower frame rails are very good.
Airbox is good but missing the filter cage.
There is 2 damaged fins on the head,The barrel fins are good.
The back shock has good dampening.
The front fork chrome is nice.
The wheels and hubs have no cracks or repairs.
Plastics are faded and cracked.
Good seat base foam and new  cover.
New oring chain and front sprocket.
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KAWASAKI Z1000 Z900 $5800

IMG_7877 IMG_7876 IMG_7879 IMG_7874 IMG_7870 IMG_7872 IMG_7871

MAKE:            KAWASAKI

MODEL:         Z900ENGINE Z1000 FRAME

YEAR:            1977-1979


VIN:                 kzt00b525517

PRICE:            $5800

This cafe racer is a great runner.

The engine is a Z900 engine fitted into a Z1000 frame.

The engine runs very well with no smoke or noises.

It comes with the kick start lever,(not pictured)

The electric starter works well.

The frame has been strengthened up.

Fork brace fitted.

Steering dampener fitted.

It has a good set if ohlins rear shocks fitted.

Tracy body kit.

New trim on the seat.

Unregistered but comes with Australian Import Approval

Call Rob on 0431386232.

Other areas as well..

Pontiac,Firebird,1969,502,5spd,Runs and drives,$28000

IMG_7676 IMG_7675 IMG_7674 IMG_7673 IMG_7672 IMG_7671 IMG_7666


What a great deal this is,Super solid car with a lot of hard work already done.
It is  a genuine 400ci firebird.4speed,power steer car.
I have pictures of it before it was pulled apart.
It has been sitting in the back INSIDE of my workshop for 4 plus years
Time to move it on to someone who will finish it.
It has a very solid straight body.
Next to zero rust in the body,very solid quarters,doors etc.
A small amount of rust in the boot floor .
It looks to be all the original sheet metal.
The engine is a near new 502ci efi,ramjet crate engine.(500+hp)
Alloy heads,roller cam,msd ignition etc.($15k Fitted)
The transmission is a 5 speed richmond manual with hurst shifter.($5kFitted)
The rear end is a 10 bolt with a true trac centre and beefier axles.
Near new 2.5″ exhaust with 2″ headers.
Qa1 adjustable shockies on the front.
Airbag susspension with pumps and tank in the boot.
The Front seats have been retrimmed in black  leather.
The back seat is trimmed in leather as well.
There is lots and lots of new parts to go with the car.
New Door rubbers,window felts.New bumpers front and back.
Badges,pedal rubbers,door mirrors,
Internal and external door and window handles.
Door scuff plates,All new tinted glass,
New windscreen.badges,lenses,Grilles,pedal rubbers.
Plus lots lots more all new in boxes.
A straight forward project as the drive line is in and running.
Plus a big load of new parts and fresh seats.
Unreg,Import approval.
Coffs harbour..2450

Ford ,Mercury,Monterey,1963,Vgc.$24000

IMG_1306 IMG_1322 IMG_1315 IMG_1331 IMG_1309 IMG_1321

This is one of only 1300 made in 1963.
It is a very original car in clean survivor condition.
Factory black,exterior and interior.
It is a very well optioned car.
Power brakes.
Power top,which works well up and down.
The vinyl on the top is nice,
All power windows,They are all working smoothly.
The glass is in nice clean condition.
Remote mirror.
Console,with push button auto.
Bucket seats,
Push button Radio.
The engine was recod not long ago and runs perfect.
The engine bay presents very nicely.
No oil leaks,smoke etc.
Lots of new parts just fitted,
4 New hankook tyres.
2 New mufflers.
New front shocks.
New battery.
New brake shoes all round.
The engine has had a full rebuild with low miles.
The engine runs excellent.
9″ Diff.

The paint is a 6 footer,nice shine but has blemishes.
The body overall looks to be pretty solid.
The doors shut nicely with no wear in the hinges.
It Looks to have all the original panels still fitted..
The floors and pillars,doors etc have no rust.
There is some rust in the lower sills,and some bubbling on the lower rear quarters.
There has been some patches on the boot floor done some time ago,The floor is solid.
All up under the parcel tray etc is all rust free.
The interior is all original with no extra holes cut etc.
The original vinyl does have a couple of splits here and there but overall for the age it presents very well.
The original mercury embossed seat belts are still fitted.
The dash is very nice,all the gauges work except the clock.
The chrome still presents well but has some pitting here and there.
It is overall a very tidy turn key driver car.
Unreg,with import papers.
Interstate transport can be arranged,

Unreg,Import approval.
Coffs harbour..2450

1968 Honda CL350 $1,800

IMG_7607 IMG_7604 IMG_7603 IMG_7601 IMG_7606 IMG_7608

MAKE:            HONDA

MODEL:         CL350

YEAR:            1969

MILEAGE:       14,019MILES

VIN:                 1026403

PRICE:            $1,800


This the first year for the CL 350.
This is an unfinished project bike.
We have rebuilt the top end with rebore and fitted it with new piston and rings and timing chain.
99% complete.
No seat.
The fuel tank internally and externally vgc.

For enquiries call Rob on 0431386232

1975 Honda CB400 four super sport $1,995

IMG_7662 IMG_7661 IMG_7655 IMG_7660

MAKE:            HONDA

MODEL:         CB400

YEAR:            1975

MILEAGE:      10,419 MILES

VIN:                 CB400F10066319

PRICE:            $1,800

This is a great project bike..
99% complete.
10k miles on the clock.
The engine turns over. The bores look to be good.No gouges.
It does come with the carbs.(Not pictured.)
It looks to be complete. All I can see is missing is one side cover, tailight, muffler, front guard & points cover.
All the other parts are present and in good condition.

Comes with Australian Import papers for registration purposes.

For further enquiries please call Rob on 0431386232.


1979 Yamaha XS650 $4995


IMG_7568 IMG_7575 IMG_7571 IMG_7577 IMG_7570

MAKE:            YAMAHA 

MODEL:         XS650

YEAR:            1979

MILEAGE:      31,814 MILES

VIN:                2F0169694

PRICE:            $4,995


The ever popular XS650.

This one is a tidy example.
The engine runs well.
The chrome is in tidy condition.
Seat base is solid.
The cover is in good condition.
The pipes are good with no holes or patches etc.
The fuel tank has been freshly repainted in 2 pac paint.
30k miles from new.
We have just serviced the engine with new plugs, oil etc.
The carbs were removed and cleaned.
The engine is in excellent running condition.
The chrome work is in nice clean condition.
It will need new brake pads fitted.
Good chain and sprockets.
Comes with Australian Import Approval for registration purposes.

For enquiries please call Rob on 0431386232


1971 Yamaha R5 $4700


MAKE:            YAMAHA

MODEL:          R5

YEAR:            1971

MILEAGE:      24,318 MILES

VIN:                 3R5104514

PRICE:            $4,700

You dont see these very often.
This one is a tidy example.
The engine runs well.
The chrome is in tidy condition.
Seat base is solid.
The cover has a tear in the side.
The pipes are good with no holes or patches etc.
It is missing the rear indicators and 1 tank emblem.
23k miles since new on the clock.
It will need new rubbers from the carbs to the airbox.

For equiries please call Rob on 0431386232.